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TORCHWOOD [May. 30th, 2007|03:50 pm]
this is cut and pasted from the email we sent parents and known Dr Who fans...sorry for being lazy and doubling up. This all happened Thursday 10th May.

Well... we got up at 5am, Mike had made sandwiches the night before and we'd packed a huge suitcase with costume options in. Drove to Cardiff, pulling over on the way to report Mike sick and me looking after him (mopping up vomit etc). Felt really awful lying but hoped it would be worth it. Got to the Cardiff docks really early. Drove into the city in search of a charity (op) shop to buy non-striped ties and a nice jacket for Mike, got all that, went back to the site. Met nice people, some professional extras that do this all the time, lots on Casualty, Dr Who and Torchwood. Had an amazing breakfast served around 12pm. Got squished into a car and driven to the other side of the river to Cardiff Bay where they were filming. The plot was Toshiko (Japanese character) has fallen in love with a guy who was frozen during WWI and had been thawed out, but they have to send him back to his own time to repair the rift which Owen opened last series. Or something like that. We sat in the car for a while, then had to get out and stand in various places around the bay where Tosh and the WWI guy were. It was pouring with rain all day I must add. Then we were told to go back to the car and keep dry and we realised that was just a rehearsal. We sat in the car and watched through the fogged-up windows and rain the two main actors rehearsing for ages. Too far away to hear anything. There were 20 of us extras all up, 5 of us in this posh car thingie and the rest in a mini bus. After a while they asked all of us in the car to get out so Tosh could get in. At this time Mike and I both spoke to her...Mike held the back door open for her to get in and she didn't look happy so he said "would you rather sit in the front" and she said "yes please" and smiled at him and sat in the front and said "thanks". Then we were told to get all out stuff out the car as well so I opened the back door and got my stuff and noticed Tosh was sitting on a jacket which had been provided by costume for someone else to wear so I said "excuse-me, sorry, I just need to get this jacket" and tried to tug it out from under her, but she ignored me so i just gave up and ran away, then i told the guy whose jacket it was and he went back and got it. So that was out brush with fame. We were due to be in 2 scenes with 2 different costumes (most of us were just told to change our jackets/coats). Our car group stood under the tent where all the filming equipment is, waiting for Tosh to come back for quite some time. Then the director (or it might have been 3rd director) who looked a bit like David Tennant apologised to us all and said none of the extras were going to be used because it was too difficult with the rain EXCEPT me and a young guy called James. So i said Mike was my husband and he'd stay around too if he could be used at all so he said he'd keep that in mind. So we waited a bit more for the car to come back with Tosh, but then the director man came back and said he was signing us ALL out after all. So the car came back and not only Tosh got out (still looking miserable) but OWEN too who looked fresh and smiling (mind you he hadn't been standing in the rain all day) and they walked past us, and we all got back into the car and waited for a driver, but then some of the other extras got out of the minibus and walked around a bit and we didn't know if they were being used or not. So we sat there for a long time, then we were all told to get out the car and into the bus and then the lot of us were driven in the bus back to the base, signed out and went home at around 6:30pm. Had a Wimpey burger for dinner on the way back. Mike was told he would make a fantastic next Dr Who, unfortunately it was the young very inexperienced guy James (who said at the start of the day he didn't like waiting around much!) who said this and no one with any say in the matter.

So yes...when the episode is shown next January (in UK at least) with Tosh and the frozen WWI guy, and you see them chatting in the rain at Cardiff Bay, just remember WE COULD HAVE BEEN STANDING IN THE BACKGROUND!

i swear since we arrived in England on the 16th June we have not had a single day where it has continuously rained for the entire day until yesterday. Oh well, good for the farmers I suppose.

Love Pru and Mike xxx